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Who We Are

Meet me, Nevin, my wife, Karen, and our two children! Who are we? We are a young family from Montana.

My wife and I wanted to move west for a number of years already, and God opened the doors for us to move to northwest Montana in 2021. We appreciate the culture and mindset of the western way of life.

Why am I running a marketing/website agency? I was given the opportunity to learn the online realm and at the beginning of 2020, I took the opportunity. 

With my experience in doing work for other people, I understand the importance of listening to your needs and then figuring out the best way to implement a solution that you appreciate!

Nevin & Karen Deiter Family beside the about info.

Who Are We?

I met Karen in 2014 and we fell in love with each other over the next 6 months. We started dating and then got married on February 14 2015, about 10 months after we met.
A little over a year after we got married we took a trip from Ohio to the west coast in Washington State. On our way back east we spent some time in the Great Falls MT area.
One of the things that my wife wanted to do for years was to move out west somewhere. And when I saw and experienced the Rocky Mountains and the beauty of the big ole west, I got a desire to move out there and make it our home!!

Why Are We In Montana?

About 6 months after we visited Montana in summer of 2016, God told me to be ready to move west in 5 years. Those years seemed long as we patiently waited on God’s timing. We had friends in different areas in the west and would occasionally go out to see them. It was always hard to leave and go back home to Ohio and keep living our lives there.
Slowly the years rolled by and then 2021 arrived!! Suddenly it was time to get serious about moving plans and figure out exactly where we were to move to. We felt like we were to visit 2 areas in Montana and see which one felt right to us, so summer of 2021 we traveled to Great Falls area and Libby MT to visit.
We felt more connection in the Libby area and felt like that is where we were to move to. So in December 2021 we loaded up our belongings and made the 2200 or so mile trek from Wayne County Ohio to Libby MT. Here God has miraculously provided a house for us when the housing and rental market is very tight and hard to find a place!!

Why Am I Building Websites?

Growing up, I was on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania. And throughout most of my life, I have done farm and mechanic work.
Many people wonder how I went from farming to having an office job. Again my answer is God.

From summer of 2013 to the end of 2019 I was doing custom harvesting for other farmers. During that time I got married to my beautiful wife Karen and started raising a family with her. I found out very quickly that being an employee doing custom farming did not give me much time to have a structured family life like I knew we needed in the long term for our children. Also throughout the year of 2019, I burned myself out working very hard, to the point of having adrenal fatigue and struggling with my health emotionally and physically.

Towards the end of 2018, I kept seeing that Jonas Troyer was looking for help as his website business was growing. After seeing it on Facebook for the 3rd time, I knew I needed to do something about what I was feeling inside. I felt like God wanted me to learn the online realm for some reason or another. I sat down and had a good talk with Jonas and planned to start working for him sometime in the next year.
As it turned out, I started working for Troyer Websites on January 6 of 2020. For the 1st 7 months, I built websites and loved doing it! Then the need arose within the company for more SEO time to be put in. It made the most sense for me to switch from web design to help with the SEO work that needed to be done. The learning curve of SEO was hard and stressful!
But now I am very grateful that I have that experience and am able to offer my expertise on SEO to my clients! I continued to do SEO work until my time at Troyer Websites ended.

During the summer of 2021, I concluded that the best way for me to make a living in a completely new area was to continue doing what I had learned how to do in the prior 1.5 years. 
That is when the idea of Big Sky Websites was birthed.

What Does This Look Like Today?

So with my past history, why should you trust me to build your website and help your company grow its presence online?

Over the years of working for other people and in the custom harvesting realm I learned the importance of listening to what other people want done, and then doing my best to make it happen as they picture it.
I understand that my job is not to only build a website for you. My job is to build a website that portrays what you do in a way that you appreciate and in a way that draws in your potential customers and helps them understand what you are offering.

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